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We strive to be the leading law firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. Mediocrity is unacceptable for us.


Why US?

We possess big picture vision

Mediocrity is unacceptable for us. Same for you? Than we talk the same language.

We are result-oriented and success-driven

Our image is built on victories and success, it is our fuel and motivation. Our corporate culture. We play to Win!

We bring our network to the table

Throughout our professional journeys we gained diverse international and local network of partners who stand ready to support our clients’ needs.

We search challenges

No excuses are accepted, we face challenges

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“JP” is providing legal outsource to corporate clients and resolving legal issues surrounding internal and external aspects of corporate life.

Why Us
Who we are

Who We Are?

Justice & Protection (hereafter, “JP”) one of the premier law firms serving clients from 2018. Founded by Aram Vardevanyan, PhD.


“JP” is dedicated primarily to providing legal outsource to corporate clients and resolving legal issues surrounding internal and external aspects of corporate life.


However, our sophisticated team of professionals is capable of handling many other areas of the law to accommodate our diverse client needs.


Our staff of consultants, trial attorneys and associates stand ready to guide you through diverse legal procedures to protect and defend your rights, your property, and your peace of mind.


Practice Areas

“JP” provides various legal services such as legal consultancy, judicial and extrajudicial representation, as well as preparing legal documents and memorandums. Our team is specialized in the following areas:

We Offer You

Legal Outsourcing Full legal support - which includes all type of legal services, such as:

IP Law

Healthcare Law

Corporate and Company Law

Legal counseling

Preparation of legal documents, memorandums and other papers

Legal due diligence

Labor Law

Administrative Law

Tax and Customs Law

Extrajudicial representation in state bodies, non-state bodies, as well as with individuals and legal entities

Constitutional Law

Property Law


Tax and Customs Advice

Alternative Dispute resolution

What we offer

We are honored to represent a wide array of litigation, corporate and counselling matters for national and
international clients.
Some of our representative clients include:


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“Our pleasure to reach out to you to offer our services on your path towards your goals. We are here for you to increase your internal capacity and business effectiveness. Whether counseling on day to day operations, reviewing contracts, maintaining full legal compliance or negotiating – we have got you covered.”

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